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Covid-19 Cocoon | Day 1

Social Isolation is the official term but I heard “cocoon” and like that more. So that’s what we are doing. We are all healthy. We are all dealing with disappointment as things we’ve worked on and looked forward to are cancelled.

School will be closed as of Wednesday. We will not be sending Chloe and Kole to school on Monday or Tuesday. We will go to the building to get their stuff on one of those days. Valarie is finally home from college. Her classes will all be online for the rest of the semester. It is such a relief to have her home.

Lyle is finally home too. We’ve barely seen him this week as he’s been at the hospital establishing and implementing their Corona response plan. He brought home a cell phone and triage resources. We are staffing the RH Corona Hotline for the weekend. There were only a couple calls today, and none were emergent. None sound like Corona. We advised them all to stay home and manage symptoms (and of course visit ED if condition deteriorates). No reports of the virus in Richland County. The closest is in Madison. But still a lot of influenza and RSV in the community.

Chloe and I went to ET Foods this morning. It was busier than I’ve ever seen it. The checkout line was long. Everyone was somber and patient. Just filling our carts. We got a couple weeks worth of food. What we would normally buy on a big grocery trip. And some extra cheese. I got the $21 huge block of sharp cheddar! Then I sent Lyle to Sears for a small chest freezer.

In the afternoon we took naps, then pizza and a board game.

We watched Dark Water. What a disturbing film. I cannot believe this is happening. PFOA is infinitely worse than Corona - manmade, knowingly toxic, and everywhere now. We all have in our tissues. It cannot ever be removed from our bodies. WTF.

The biggest surprise is our Pandemic Puppies. Willow had puppies early Friday morning. Chloe was in tears wanting to bring her and the puppies home and seemed like the right thing to do, so here they are. We increased our household by 10 dogs. Because that’s how we do. What a precious distraction. Willow is an awesome Mama. More on the puppies to come.

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